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The Gospels feature many of the most beautiful stories of all times. Many of us may have heard them without knowing that they are a part of the New Testament. This BibleStudyPro free module presents many of the most known and beautiful Gospel stories. Thus, we can read about Jesus' birth, ministry, death and resurrection, as well as about the parables of the mustard seed, the prodigal son and the good Samaritan. Also, we can learn the Lord's Prayer, the Last Supper, the Sermon of the Mountain and the Passion narrative.

The module has a navigation panel on the left, which allows us to open any of the Gospel stories by simply clicking on its name. Also, since many of these stories are featured in more than one Gospel, the module allows us to compare the different versions by its simple tab system, in which we can click on the tab corresponding to the Evangelist whose version we want to read.

The module also features a section devoted to the parables recorded by Luke, whose Gospel is the richest in parables and other stories. Please note that for this module to work properly, you need to download and install the BibleStudyPro software prior to installing the Gospel Stories module. The program and the module are completely free.

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